Kickers Raiders Daniel Carlson Was Ready To Rock The Adult Diaper To Beat The Cowboys

Kickers Raiders Daniel Carlson Was Ready To Rock The Adult Diaper To Beat The Cowboys

Daniel Carlson came in big with the Las Vegas Raiders with a pair of clutch kicks and was willing to do virtually anything to play against the Cowboys.

The Thanksgiving game between the Las Vegas Raiders and the Dallas Cowboys was filled with big plays — even if an uncomfortable number of those plays were a result of penalty shootouts. But you could argue that Vegas player Daniel Carlson came up with two of the biggest ones.

As part of the five field goals the striker dug through struts for a perfect day in the office (he was 3 of 3 with extra points as well), Carlson’s biggest boot came after the two-minute warning when he hit a 56-yard field goal to give his team a three-point lead.

Even after Dallas tied things up and forced them to work overtime, Carlson and the Raiders wouldn’t be deterred. So, despite time limits and penalties that kept him frozen long by normal standards, he stepped up and netted the match-winner in overtime to give Las Vegas a 36-33 win.

It turns out, however, that Carlson was fighting to be able to play in the short week as he battled food poisoning earlier in the week. When asked about the illness that kept him off the field, though, Kicker was crystal clear that nothing about food poisoning would stop him from playing.

Raiders forward Daniel Carlson could have done anything to play through food poisoning

Talk about dedication – the dedication that fans should feel because we didn’t have to keep playing.

It’s one thing a player has to fight by not feeling well or, in Carlson’s case, nobody will blame him if he’s on the sidelines due to food poisoning.

So for him to say he’s thinking about an adult diaper or a side trash bag talking about how much he’d like to be in the field—even if he’s probably joking about the lengths he’d go to for Thanksgiving clothes.

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