Kirk Cousins ​​lines up on guard, and is forced to burn the timeout

Kirk Cousins ​​lines up on guard, and is forced to burn the timeout

The Minnesota Vikings stand by themselves after Kirk Cousins ​​attempts to capture a fourth and a goal.

Death, Taxes, and Kirk’s Cousins ​​play poorly at non 1:00 p.m. ET NFL games.

The start may have been in the early afternoon in Santa Clara, California, but it was getting dark in the Midwest and East Coast when this brutal football happened. In today’s example of why the Minnesota Vikings were the Minnesota Vikings, they had to burn a timeout on the fourth and goal because the Cousins ​​lined up guarded and tried to take a shot. What a grease fire.

No, the Vikings didn’t hit the wage dirt from the timeout, which resulted in a lower turnover.

Kirk Cousins ​​lined up under guard and tried to capture the fourth goal and the goal

This poor offensive lineman should go to therapy after what just happened. He and Captain Kirk may be really tight, but they’re already boys now. For those who still think this team is a playoff contender, you can’t love it. The Vikings will lose to the San Francisco 49ers team, 34-26. Had Cousins ​​not treated this as a peak game, perhaps the outcome would have been different?

While this isn’t the worst attempt at a hijacker since Griff Whalen did what he did for the Indianapolis Colts, it’s pretty embarrassing. This is worse than telling the server “you too” when he asks you to enjoy your meal. The Florida Gator may not be on the Florida Gator offense against Georgia South, but that’s how you don’t draw it on the board. This is how you lose work.

This might be the game that cost the Vikings a chance at a playoff spot, triggering the release of everyone’s property in the building on Black Monday.

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