Knoll’s mistakes proved costly to lose against the Gators

Knoll’s mistakes proved costly to lose against the Gators

FSU football was suspended with the Florida Gators for half while playing most of the first half without Jordan Travis. However, the multiple transformations and lack of offense were too much for Noles to overcome.

FSU and Florida fought to a 7-7 tie in the first half, with the FSU defense forcing three turnovers in the first half. However, FSU’s offense cannot take advantage of any of those opportunities. Jordan Travis cost Noles a kick-a-field goal opportunity when he didn’t come down to call a time-out after running until the inning time was up. That play was huge because FSU lost by three points. All of these errors proved costly as Florida dominated the game in the third quarter. The Gators led 10-7 on the field goal, with 11:09 to go.

The Noles missed a fine drive on their next possession, hitting the UF 29-yard line before Jordan Travis took a sack that slashed them out of goal range. The defining moment of the match came upon the next possession after Alex Mastromanno pinned Florida in one yard.

The FSU defense forced a three-and-a-half, and Ontaria Wilson put down the ball to give Florida the ball back at the FSU 33-yard line. Another key moment was allowing Florida to convert the third goal and 21 after skipping several tackles that would have forced Florida into a relatively long field goal kick. Florida continued to score in that acquisition to increase its lead to 17-7.

FSU threw an interception (which should have been an incomplete pass) on their next possession, and the Gators scored a touchdown to push their lead to 24-7 with 12:36 remaining. FSU’s offense finally got in the way with Florida likely going down with their defense, and Treshaun Ward scored 19 yards to cut the lead to 24-14 with 9:46 remaining.

FSU’s defense forced a kick into Florida’s next possession, but FSU’s offense faltered again before he scored a late touchdown to make it 24-21. FSU was called to a penalty kick attempt to the side and that was the match.

FSU had only 263 total offensive yards and was only 2 of 9 third down before the last touchdown drive went 91 yards and took 2:52 of the hour. FSU had a lot of fouls on the special teams, and the offense didn’t show enough to give them a chance to win the game.

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