Knowles news: A weekend summary of all things Florida

Knowles news: A weekend summary of all things Florida

Florida State – Another exciting weekend developed for the Seminoles on the road, at home, and in the classroom. Longtime archenemy the Florida Gators fired head coach Dan Mullen after an embarrassing loss to Mizu, meanwhile, the Football Association and men’s basketball went on the road to bring W back to Tallahassee.

Here’s the full recap of the weekend:


The Seminoles went on the road last Saturday to face the Boston College Eagles at Chestnut Hill. After a dominant performance in the first half, Noles’ team found themselves fighting to maintain their 26-23 lead late in the fourth inning, but eventually managed to thwart Eagle’s best comeback attempt.

  • Defensive coordinator Adam Fuller earned honors for “Smashing the Rock” after a solid outing from defense:
  • Defensive line workers Jermaine Johnson II and Kier Thomas soaked in some of the beautiful Boston alumni playground gardening they had to offer (Warning: NSFW audio.)
  • Defensive End Marcus Kushny Honors Academy Awardees CoSIDA Academic All-District Awards:
  • Quarterback Jordan Travis had another stellar performance who earned a 150-advanced passer rating 20-34 for 251 yards, three touchdowns, and no interceptions.


The dismissal of Florida coach Dan Mullen should stir up some feathers and shake some trees. Combined with recent victories over the Miami Hurricanes and Boston College, hopefully this weekend’s Florida Gators will bring some positive buzz on the FSU’s recruiting track. Talk about it, read about it, learn about it, and see what Nation Tomahawk Recruiters must say on the latest recruitment topic:

men’s basketball

Men’s basketball passed Loyola Marymount on Sunday 73-45 in Jacksonville, Florida after a slow offensive start. Head coach Leonard Hamilton prioritized acquiring the ball for newcomers with new goalkeeper Matthew Cleveland the leading scorer with 13 points on the day. The full game summary can be found below:

All sports

Top-ranked women’s football advanced to Elite Eight after beating Pepperdine No. 19 on home soil, 1-0:

Women’s basketball also beat the Grambling State Tigers 76-53:

Day one is this week for the women’s volleyball team and before you stuff your face, go ahead and check out Wednesday’s game at 3pm against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish team:

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