Lakers praise Alex Caruso on his return to Staples Center

Lakers praise Alex Caruso on his return to Staples Center

The Los Angeles Lakers welcomed Alex Caruso back to the Staples Center with the Chicago Bulls, honoring him with a tribute video.

Alex Caruso didn’t get a new contract from the Lakers, but he received a standing ovation when he made his first trip to Staples Center to take on his old team.

Now playing for the Bulls, Caruso sat on the opponent’s bench as a video highlighting him from Los Angeles was shown on the big screen.

The Lakers put together a video in honor of Alex Caruso

The video demonstrated how important Caruso was to the team as they battled for the ultimate prize.

He also shared a moment with LeBron James, who was injured.

Caruso came with the Lakers through the G-League, and worked his way up to the NBA roster via a two-way contract. It wasn’t long before he became a fan favorite with nicknames like “The Bald Mamba”.

He turned himself into a major contributor, averaging 6.4 points per game during the tournament held in 2020, even into the NBA Finals.

Despite his championship contribution, he joined free agency after the 2020-21 season with questions about whether the Lakers would maintain their continuity.

Ultimately, Caruso signed a four-year deal with the Bulls for $37 million.

So far with Chicago, Caruso averages 8.1 points, 3.1 rebounds and 3.8 assists while off the bench most of the time. The game against the Lakers began on Monday evening.

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