LeBron James fined for ‘obscene gesture’ in first game after suspension

LeBron James fined for ‘obscene gesture’ in first game after suspension

After his first return from suspension, Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James was fined by the NBA for an “indecent gesture.”

After stopping a notable fight between LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart of the Detroit Pistons, James was able to return to the Los Angeles Lakers game when they beat the Indiana Pacers on Wednesday.

Unfortunately for James and the Lakers, their star again became the focal point of more criticism after an “obscene gesture” and a bit of post-game profanity while the media was available after the win.

According to a statement from the NBA PR Twitter account, James was fined $15,000 for a gesture that occurred with just over a minute on the clock in the final quarter of the Lakers’ 124-116 overtime win on Wednesday.

The gesture in question is a fairly obvious reference to Sam Cassell’s famous (or infamous, depending on who you ask) celebration. But even though the NBA once allowed this kind of celebration, it seems the people who run the league aren’t interested in having that kind of celebration anymore.

NBA fined LeBron James for ‘indecent gesture’ after Los Angeles Lakers star returns from suspension

The fine that James was struck with does not make sense for someone with his wealth.

As one of the highest-paid NBA stars of all time who has made a ton of money thanks to his sponsorship deals over the years, there’s almost no way James would sweat himself having to pay a $15,000 fine.

However, perhaps the fine sends the message that the NBA is paying close attention to James’ actions. James came under a lot of scrutiny in the aftermath of the incident with Stewart. It doesn’t look like this examination will be over soon.

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