Lincoln Riley says he won’t be LSU’s football coach

Lincoln Riley says he won’t be LSU’s football coach

Lincoln Riley was part of the rumors that he would be LSU’s next football coach, but even after Oklahoma Bedlam lost, he was quick to bring them down.

Whether it’s an LSU football fan’s dream or something with some actual meat in it, rumors have recently swirled that current Oklahoma Sooners coach Lincoln Riley will be the next head coach for the Tigers after the program decided to split. With Ed Orgeron.

And after the Sooners lost Bedlam to their Oklahoma state rival Saturday night for the first time since Riley took over, the hype around a potential move to Baton Rouge continued to grow, especially with a slew of jokes being fired.

When speaking to the media after the game, though, Riley was direct and emphatic about his future and the fact that he’s not including him as coach of the LSU football team.

Lincoln Riley says he won’t be LSU’s next football coach

Now, it must be said that college football coaches have lied many times before and will continue to do so for centuries to come – it’s part of the game.

However, Lincoln Riley’s rumors to LSU have always been a bit flimsy. Riley has developed something impressive in Norman since taking over as Bob Stubbs, even if he’s been in a slight slip over the past two seasons (a slip that only includes four losses over two years). Moving to the Tigers would be a huge risk on his part.

Then, LSU fans may want to get their hopes up about someone else. That’s not to say Riley’s word is consistent because, once again, it’s a sham game in the college coaching world. But based on simple logic, it has always been and still seems unlikely.

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