Lincoln Riley would have instant success with the USC Football Team

Lincoln Riley would have instant success with the USC Football Team

USC football has struggled in recent years, but make no mistake, new head coach Lincoln Riley can instantly turn things around for the Trojans.

All new employees deserve a little patience. Take the coach some time to put their mark on the program.

In the case of Lincoln Riley and USC, the Trojans emerge from a dismal season with a record 4-7. They have inconsistent attack and woeful defense. Their recent recruitment into the trenches has left much to be desired.

Yes, Riley deserves a little patience…but he shouldn’t need it.

Lincoln Riley could win instantly with the USC soccer team

Riley’s ultimate goal at USC will be to win national titles and this is a mountain that will take a few years to climb. However, the Pac-12 is just waiting to dominate and the Trojans are not too far from doing so.

Take it from Matt Leinart, who used the example of Pete Carroll to show how even a struggling USC program can turn around quickly with the right head coach.

Riley can make his mark at USC immediately once more offense gets in the way.

The Trojans had a lot of talent available to them. They were unable to put together a coherent attack under Graham Harrell or T Martin. Riley is an offensive master who can get a lot of players currently on the roster. The offensive schemes of the Clay Hilton era were horrific. Riley will change that.

Lincoln Riley could benefit a lot from USC football talent

Watching USC vs. BYU, there were signs of life. Midfielder Jaxson Dart has a swagger. Receiving targets like Kyle Ford, Michael Trigg, and Macri Lake are begging to unleash them. Wide receiver help can quickly come through the recruitment and transfer portal.

Riley already looks on the verge of flipping five-star Matter Day who is backing away from Ralke Brown and a slew of other five-star nominees have already reneged on their pledges to Oklahoma.

Some may focus on the disappointing recruitment category of 2020. However, Trojans had a top 10 recruiting category last year and could do a solid push for one again in this cycle.

Defensive rebuilding is the biggest hindrance to USC’s return to national success and it’s the part that Riley will have the biggest problem with.

Fortunately, the Trojans have just signed Cory Foreman, the number one player in the 2021 class and carry the minor team and linebacker with talent from the same group.

The defense in 2022 may be young but talented. They don’t need to dominate for USC to succeed, they just have to maintain their strength well enough to give the attack time to collect points.

The 2022 USC football schedule is set for success

The USC 2022 schedule isn’t massive. Road trips to Utah and Oregon are the biggest threats to the Pac-12. Stanford, UCLA and Arizona State University remain programs that can do well, but a Troy team with identity and confidence should still have the upper hand in those games.

It’s not unrealistic to say that Riley could take USC from 4-8 or 5-7 to 9-3 or 10-2 in Year 1. The Pac-12 South title is there to capitalize on. A conference title coming down in one game against Oregon also makes that crown possible.

Riley will have the time to put it together. Don’t be surprised when it doesn’t take long at all.

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