Luka Doncic may have injured his hand when hitting the stands out of frustration

Luka Doncic may have injured his hand when hitting the stands out of frustration

Dallas Mavericks center guard Luka Doncic may have aggravated his knee injury on November 22, causing him to lash out in the stands out of frustration.

Luka Doncic has been with the Mavericks as he has been working to overcome the knee and ankle injuries that have kept him out since November 15.

Things looked good a week later, as Doncic was on the court on Monday in training with the Mavs.

A few moments later, Doncic cried out in pain and left the ground. Doncic headed to the stands, grabbed his left knee and hit the stands in frustration. Al-Zahir, 22, left the stands a few minutes later, pressing snow on his injured knee.

Luke Doncic may miss match 4 with a knee injury

The injury setback was huge, with Doncic now missing three games in a row. The Mavericks have lost every game without him so far, going from 9-4 to 9-7 to finish fifth in the Western Conference. If the Mavericks go down for an extended period of time, losing a player like Doncic could easily cause them to miss out on the playoffs.

Prior to the start of the season, Dallas signed Doncic for a five-year, $207 million extension to a rookie Supermax. The contract is not just a financial one, but a temporary one: The Mavericks expect Doncic to be the centerpiece of their team for years to come.

While Kristaps Porzingis has been putting pressure on Fortress on attack, Doncic’s absence means the Mavs lack an effective approach in close matches. With Doncic, the Mavs would likely have won the November 17 match and the November 21 Clippers match, which would have put them at 11-5. This would have put them ahead of the Utah Jazz at 11-6, which is why an early slide in the standings could mean a total downfall if Doncic goes long.

With the exact nature of his injury unclear and his schedule uncertain, Doncic’s being on a daily basis means he could return at any moment. If the Mavs want to stay in the race, they will need the NBA’s best under-25 player to come back soon.

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