New Cubs General Manager Carter Hawkins trades the familiar face for outside help

New Cubs General Manager Carter Hawkins trades the familiar face for outside help

The Chicago Cubs remade their stadium this off-season, and they traded Cleveland Guardians player Harold Ramirez.

Ramirez was the most reserve player for Cleveland last season, but appeared in 99 games last season. The 27-year-old hit .268 (91 vs. 339) with 21 doubles, one triples, seven home runs and 41 RBI. Those numbers are strong enough to warrant a spring training opportunity on the North Side of Chicago.

The cubs are in a rebuilding process of sorts, whether or not they’re willing to admit it. Carter Hawkins is the new general manager, who previously oversaw the Cleveland front office.

Ironically, he reached out to the Revolutionary Guards for what could be solid under the radar this winter.

Cubs: Who is Harold Ramirez?

Ramirez made his MLS debut in 2019, ranking sixth among all starters in successes during his first campaign with the Miami Marlins. Since then, he has barely played for Miami in 2020, then made a fresh start with Cleveland in 2021.

The newly named Guardians would receive critical consideration for Ramirez, so they clearly didn’t appreciate him much and didn’t see a place for him on their 40-man roster.

Cubs Arena as it is currently constructed is wide open. Greg Deschmann, Rafael Ortega and Ian Hap make up the field, which leaves much to be desired. Ramirez could stand a chance of starting, either immediately with an impressive spring or early in the season.

Ramirez is the kind of low-risk, high-return trade that the Cubs should be successful in at this stage of their rebuilding. Fans may not like it, but it makes sense in the long run.

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