Noah Sendergaard Mike Frances corpses for Mets supporters

Noah Sendergaard Mike Frances corpses for Mets supporters

Noah Sendergaard didn’t hold back when he fired a shot at Mike Vanessa for a tweet in support of the New York Mets on Friday.

The split between Noah Syndergaard and the New York Mets found another way to oddly entertain everyone from the outside looking in. Mike Francesa learns the hard way that Syndergaard is a great pitcher and a ruthless speaker.

Francesa has had Syndergaard’s injury history, which has limited his ability to play in recent seasons. According to Francesa, the Mets are somewhat better off without one of the most talented shooters that MLB has to offer.

Syndergaard seems to have taken over the unnecessary tweet and seemed to have a very powerful tweet of his own.

Noah Sendergaard crying at Mike Frances for his Friday tweet

Syndergaard has a lot to prove this season.

He also has a lot of upsides and potential, so there are plenty of reasons to believe Syndergaard can advance this year. It hasn’t been that long since he had great seasons with the Mets, including when he threw two full games in 2018 and then another in 2019.

For his career, Syndergaard owns a 3.32 ERA and 777 through 718 runs. The 29-year-old bowler might have some solid years ahead of him.

Due to injuries and recovery time, he has not been able to play much over the past two seasons. Now that he’s with the Los Angeles Angels, Syndergaard has a chance to help Los Angeles get back into the post-season in 2022.

But there is a lot more that can affect that than what Syndergaard can control.

However, if he puts up a solid showing this year, he will likely re-establish himself as one of the best bowlers in the major leagues. And if he did in the deal he made, it would be considered very valuable going forward.

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