Points inside the box: FSU 73, Loyola Marymount 45

Points inside the box: FSU 73, Loyola Marymount 45

Melina Myers USA Today Sports

The Seminoles play a full game against LMU

  1. The coaches envisioned five key players including Tanour Nojoum to start the season. But after suffering a concussion, he failed to play in the first two matches of the Federation and was taken off the bench for only eight minutes against Tulane. Given that the offensive juggernaut of Purdue has just over a week left, Ngom’s turn is essential. Bordeaux features 7-4 Zach Eddy, who took 33-45 shots this year and may not even be the best player on the Boilermaker’s side. It was Travion Williams, after all, a 6-10 year old big-box pick to the All-Big Ten pre-season. Stars played a 14-minute high run against Loyola Marymount, scoring 10 goals in a 5-6 shot. Most importantly, he was able to run across the ground with speed and dexterity. Several times he ran the floor with a transition, burying his man in the post. FSU’s playmakers need to do a better job of getting the ball rolling in these situations.
  2. Caleb Mills, at 24 minutes, spent the most time on the ground for Florida. The only other player to cross 20 was Galen Warley (21). In all, 11 players played 11 minutes or more. Tonight’s opponent – the Missouri Tigers – needed extra time to get past SMU. Mizzou coach Konzo Martin basically used a rotation of 7 players (the eighth man played six minutes, the ninth man played one) and five of the seven played 34 minutes or more. Will Missouri have the legs to play in the second half? Tune in tonight at 8:30 on CBS Sports to watch the game.
  3. Florida State did a great job on the defensive boards, capturing 82% of the lions’ waste, easily the best of the year. FSU has performed only twice better throughout last season. As coach Hamilton’s teams advance to the post and sell to block/redirect shots, the looms are never great on defensive glass. This year’s team was particularly bad, on course to be their worst defensive rebound team since the 2014 team finished 329 in the country.
  4. FSU forced 24 turnovers, which were 34% of LMU’s holdings. During the telecast, the announcers told the story of Trent Forest asking how many minutes he could comfortably play given the level of energy required to run an important defense. His response: 24. Last night FSU flew around the court with the necessary energy, and seem Like the FSU defense. This would be a crucial learning curve, considering there are six new faces on the list. Doing this is practically one thing when coaches can stop the action every time they need to make a point, but in matches the player has to put in maximum effort in every possession.
  5. The FA won 73-45 in a game that acquired 70. The 0.64 points per possession allowed by the FSU was the lowest in the past 71 games, dating back to February 2019. Upon entering the game, the LMU was no less than 1.01 per possession. possession this season. This is Stan Johnson’s second season as a coach, and it was his worst offensive match to date. Meanwhile, FSU’s offense was solid at 1.04 per possession, but not great. Transformations (24% of FSU’s holdings) continue to annoy the team, and Noles is currently on track to make the most turnovers since 2015 when FSU finished 323rd nationally in that stat.

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