Progress has certainly been made, but Saturday was a missed opportunity for FSU at Norvell

Progress has certainly been made, but Saturday was a missed opportunity for FSU at Norvell

Gainesville – You can see how injured Mike Norville is after the game.

Jordan Travis, too. He said Saturday’s 24-21 defeat to rival Florida was the most disappointing loss he had ever suffered.

It looked as though they might have both shed a few tears before coming to speak to us at the post-match press conference.

Hassan. This is useful. Let it sink. Embrace the pain.

Because losing to an opponent without a coach, with the quarterback dumping first-half interceptions like Halloween candy, is something that probably doesn’t need to happen again at Florida State while Norville takes over.

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And here’s the thing: I don’t think it would be.

Losses will, of course, occur. It’s college football. Everyone loses.

But I think Norville has this program in place where, with another year to overhaul the roster with more four- and five-star talent and with more impactful transfers, he’ll take this team to a place where a team like Florida’s has won. There is no chance against him.

We haven’t gotten there yet, though. clearly.

There are still a lot of loopholes, in multiple locations, to expect this team to go down the road and dominate a team with more talent, no matter how poorly trained they are.

And when you play special teams like this, I mean you don’t deserve to go to the pot anyway.

Recruitment is Norvell’s #1 priority in the coming weeks and months.

Continuing to build and maintain culture is number 2.

And the third, by God, is to discover what is wrong with the world with your own difference. Because it’s bad. And in my opinion, it may have cost Florida a win at The Swamp.

It was clear that Bucky Wilson Drop the Boat – after calling for an inexplicably fair catch – was the headline in this special teams disaster. But Alex Mastromanno ripping a line down the middle as if Tony Gwen was at least a subtitle. Both ended up giving Florida a great field position and eventual points.

And don’t forget to press the kick back that had an engine starter within 10.

When you’re not a very good soccer team – and FSU obviously isn’t – these are the things that turn potential wins into losses.

“Tonight there were some serious mistakes,” Norville said. “It’s not just one moment, one play. But overall, we need it to be something positive for us. There have been a few times this year where I don’t know we’ve offered the investment we’re making.”

So, Norville has two options as he moves into Year 3 in Tallahassee: to load this roster with so many talents that she can beat the sloppy Special Teams play. Or… Be the best in special teams!

I asked him about it after the match and he promised him that he would fix this problem. It wasn’t a pinky section, but you can tell how annoying it was at that entire point in the game all season. And again it peaked on Saturday.

Setting the record for the shortest side kick in football history was amazing.

But in general, there’s not a whole lot to make you go crazy about this loss, right?

I mean disappointed. certainly. thats understood. You’ve had the chance to make a bowl, you’ve had the chance to beat your uninspired rival, and you’ve had the chance to complete an amazing transformation.

And you did not benefit.

I’ve played like many games this year. Close the game. late. One property. It just did not go in your favor.

Will This One Game Make 2021 Fail?

I mean, look, this is Florida we’re writing about here. We all agree that 5-7 is not good enough. Norville said that afterwards. twice. He knows the standard here, which isn’t him.

But, when we look back at where that program was a couple of months ago, when we look back at how low it has gone, I think we can all recognize that it has risen from that shallow grave. finally. Still dirty. still swinging. Needs shower and change of clothes. But she didn’t fall upside down in the mud anymore.

This is a start.

She has a midfielder. Oh really. For the first time, I don’t know seven years, you feel good about this position as you head off the season. Jordan Travis legit. He proved it on Saturday with one working shoulder.

And most importantly, you have a team with personality.

Maybe it’s not the talent you want, maybe not the depth, but the guy, fighting hard. Always. This is the most important brick you can have while waiting for an NFL talent to arrive.

Culture is important. The foundation is important.

Florida both now.

It just needs more men. As of this moment, Norville said he has a 6 a.m. flight on Sunday to enlist. Let’s hope his destination is near a human who can catch the boat!

Norville needs the offseason to figure out exactly what he wants to be in attack, because that seems to have completely changed a few times this season. He and offensive coordinator Kenny Dillingham need to find a way to become more efficient in third, as this has been bad for most of the year and it was again on Saturday.

And it needs more time.

I know it’s hard to be patient. I am doing. And I’m just as disappointed as you that this team isn’t going to go bowling – Shreveport is like second home to me! — but I will not let this completely affect what I think of the current course of this programme.

Florida is much better than it was a season ago.

That was evident before kick-off on Saturday, and it still is.

If Norville and his crew can continue to build like this, the words he said at the end of his press conference on Saturday will truly come true.

“We’re going to push because we’re going to do it the right way,” Norville said. “I promise, success is coming here in Florida. Because of these guys. Because of the way they work. And when we get there, we’ll stay there.”

“Because it only becomes who you are.”

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