QB bears undergo tests on their spleen

QB bears undergo tests on their spleen

The Chicago Bears have sent quarterback Justin Fields to the hospital to have his ribs and spleen checked after colliding with crows.

The Bears had a fear that rookie quarterback Justin Fields would hurt the area around his ribs during Sunday’s loss to the Ravens.

Andy Dalton took charge of the quarterback while the fields had to be checked by the coaching staff.

The question that needs to be answered now is how severe the injury is and how long Fields may miss.

Justin Fields injury update: Bears spleen examination QB

According to Jay Glazer, Fields was sent to the hospital to have his ribs and spleen checked.

Bear lovers have received some good news from social media. On Instagram, Fields’ friend posted a video of the middleweight as he lay. He said the ribs were only bruised.

Bruised, unbroken ribs bode well for fields and bears. Fields was best known for playing through an injury to his midsection in the College Football game, so there’s no doubt he’d be tough if he could.

However, the spleen question still loomed large. If there is damage it may lead to lost time.

It’s not an ideal week for Fields to have an injury. Chicago has a fast turnaround with its Thanksgiving game scheduled against the Lions on Thursday.

If the fields can’t match the clothes, Dalton will have to take the reins again.

Fields was 4 of 11 for 79 yards before he came out. He also rushed for 23 yards on four buggies. Dalton threw two touchdowns with 201 yards instead of a rookie. Marquis hit Goodwin for a 49-yard touchdown with 1:41 left. However, the Bears lost 16-13 after Defonta Freeman punches the score 22 seconds before the end of the match.

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