Radio call from Alabama for Bryce Young’s TD to force OT into Iron Bowl

Radio call from Alabama for Bryce Young’s TD to force OT into Iron Bowl

Hear the radio call of Alabama State football star Bryce Young as he finds Jakouri Brooks’ six-day touchdown game at Iron Bowl 2021.

The Alabama soccer team needed a miracle, and it got one, to win the petanque over Auburn, thanks to this superb touchdown pass from Bryce Young to Jacquery Brooks.

Alabama hasn’t hit dirt wages all day. After a 10-3 touchdown in the last minute, the Heisman Cup contender’s midfielder found his vast future on a beautifully dull path to the corner of the end zone. Crimson Tide would go on to win this edition of the Iron Bowl in four additional times, 24-22. Alabama will face the undefeated Georgia Bulldogs at the SEC Championship in Atlanta next week.

Here’s Alabama’s radio call to land the game.

And because your soul craves it, this is the Mexican TV call of the amazing landing, too.

Alabama Football: Bryce Young’s radio call on the field was amazing

Even if Alabama loses to Jordan Hare, Crimson Tide still has a snowball chance to make College Football Playoff anyway. Of course, it all depends on beating Georgia in Atlanta next Saturday. Although Alabama might be the first two-time losing team to do the big dance, it’s not likely that they will if they drop in Georgia a week from now. However, winning the Iron Bowl is always a big deal.

This was a game Young did not have. While some would argue this is his Heisman Trophy moment, and may very well be, his nomination is benefitting hugely with CJ Stroud losing the Ohio State Bucks The Game to arch rival Michigan earlier on Saturday afternoon. There is no doubt that Young reached the final this season, but his team is playing for something more against Georgia.

This touchdown is proof that giving Nick Saban’s team an extra 40 seconds is always a bad idea.

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