Raiders prove to be utterly disingenuous at a rotten loss for the Bengals

Raiders prove to be utterly disingenuous at a rotten loss for the Bengals

The invaders explode completely and that was quite evident in how weak they were to play in losing the blast to Bengal.

It’s been a long season for the Las Vegas Raiders, especially off the field. At one point, though, it looked as if the franchise might be weathering the storm when it comes to games on the field. However, this is starting to change for the worse – and to a large extent.

After losing 32-13 to the Bengals on Sunday, the club lost three consecutive times and fell to 5-5 on the season. Although they took first place in West Asia just a few weeks ago, the raiders are now finally tied up.

These losses wouldn’t be so bad if they seemed competitive. However, they looked uninspired, losers and a completely different team than the team that started 3-0. In their last three games, they’ve turned the ball seven times, scored just 14.3 points per game (compared to more than 31.42 the rest of the season), and have seen their game disappear.

When the Raiders season started off well, the playoffs started slowly

At 5-5, the Raiders are currently out of the cut-off picture. The AFC wild card race is tough and exciting, so there is still a chance for this team to succeed. But there are reasons for pessimism given the current level.

First, the Raiders continue to show that they have no alternative to Henry Rogers III. DeSean Jackson was brought in as a potential replacement, but he proved to be either less than expected or incompatible with the scheme.

Furthermore, the schedule has no favors waiting for Las Vegas. Games against the Cowboys, the Washington FC, the Chiefs, the Browns, the Colts, and the Chargers are all still on the schedule. The Broncos are certainly an unbeatable opponent in their current state, and so were the Bengals.

Raiders can find out? Sure, but with a temporary head coach, no major lead future, and an injured quarterback, the Raiders look like the same sad franchise they’ve been for several years now.

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