Soccer player Ole Miss launches the Egg Bowl by hitting the monster

Soccer player Ole Miss launches the Egg Bowl by hitting the monster

The Egg Bowl is always heated up but the Ole Miss football/kicker Mac Brown caught Thanksgiving on fire with a monster strike.

Despite the always-present excitement of the Egg Bowl, Ole Miss and Mississippi State football weren’t quite lighting up Davis Wade Stadium and Starkville on Thanksgiving night early in the game. The fouls were moving the ball well enough but during the first quarter, neither of them were able to find the end zone.

In the midst of the ongoing defensive struggle in this rivalry game, it was an unlikely source of a monster strike that did really add to the energy on the field Thursday night.

In the first half after the match was tied 3-3, the Ole Miss kicked off football and was trying to keep the Bulldogs at bay. When the returning man got a lane on the sidelines, there was some concern among Rebels fans that he might go home.

Instead, the play’s kicker, older Mac Browne, entered the track and delivered a monster hit to the rival return man.

Soccer player Ole Miss gets to shake the Egg Bowl with a monster kick

Feelings always run high when it comes to the Ole Miss and Mississippi State and their annual competition play, but Brown, who specializes in gambling and kick-off, is incredible.

Having said that, the Egg Bowl started just as you can imagine.

Although the Rebels have been the superior team this season based on what we’ve seen overall, the Bulldogs have been following along with them early on and definitely putting clamps on a high-octane offense.

However, the big question was how long Mike Leach’s team could continue to do against this team.

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