Soon I will have to make history to make the college football match

Soon I will have to make history to make the college football match

The Oklahoma Sooners 9-1 dropped dramatically in the College Football Playoff rankings after their first loss, yet they could make CFP history.

Another week, another edition of the College Football Playoff Rankings – and another round of surprises.

This week, one of the big questions was what would happen to the Oklahoma race after the previously undefeated team dropped its first game of the season on Saturday to Baylor.

The result? The Oklahoma soccer team dropped from number 8 to 13 in the third edition of the world rankings.

Number 8 makes it difficult to reach the top four by the final week of the rankings, but so far, number 13 puts a sooner team in an impossible position.

If the Sooners somehow make a playoff, they’ll be the first team to do so from that very spot in the season. No team less than 9 was ranked in the CFP Third Rankings and made the playoffs.

According to Brett McMurphy, the verdict is more damning for the Sooners’ new rating. In its seven-year history, only four teams outside the top five at this point in the rankings have advanced to CFP.

Oklahoma football could miss out on CFP chances – or they could make CFP history

What made the Sooners fall from the CFP blessing was a upset 27-14 loss to the Baylor Bears on November 13. Their first loss of the season, they quickly slipped five places in the rankings from eighth.

Making matters worse is the fact that the 8-2 Bears have already outpaced the Sooners in the world rankings, ranking No. 11 on Oklahoma’s 13th position.

But not all hope is lost for starters, as they still have a chance to make CFP history. Michigan ranked ninth in the CFP Third Rankings in 2015, but still earned a coveted spot by December. This team is the lowest-ranked team in week three of the CFP rankings to eventually make it into the top four, but if the Sooners go down in the playoffs, they’ll have the best recovery in Michigan State.

To do so, Oklahoma must perform the rest of the season perfectly and find a way to better Baylor after their bitter loss. The Sooners will have chances to improve their standings as they host Iowa State and Oklahoma State in their last two games of the season. Wins in those games will affect their ticket to the Big 12 Championship game, boosting their chance of making history.

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