Summary: Florida outperforms Florida in renewed competition

Summary: Florida outperforms Florida in renewed competition

The Florida Seminoles FC and the Florida Gators on Saturday faced not only bragging rights, but eligibility at stake. The stakes were a far cry from the show’s title-defining highlights, but still enough to deliver some drama and intrigue.

In terms of soft factors, from the start of the game, Florida seemed to come out with Little more The energy, perhaps greatly revitalized after the dismissal of former coach Dan Mullen. The Gators managed to get to the head of FSU early and often, resulting in foul-mouthed personal fouls and penalties that often nullified Florida’s slip.

The tide for the game is likely to be FSU’s wide receiver Ontaria Wilson in the third quarter — not only expanding the Gators’ leadership but flipping the field for him, dropping Florida’s push forward in double digits. Then FSU swooped in on its next drive, with Jordan Travis throwing a questionable interception by a referee who set up a nearly 4-minute, 10-play, 68-yard drive for the Gators.

FSU’s defense started strong, but the inability to stop Florida in third, and the continued lack of success from the Seminole attack that led to fatigue and a failure to get into the middle hampered his ability to be truly dominant.

The Seminoles struggled to find anything in attack condition in the first half, with Travis losing a significant amount of time with an apparent shoulder injury, though he mustered himself to come back in the second quarter and finish the match.

FSU found an offensive tempo late in the fourth quarter, with the Seminoles beginning a 92-yard drive to make it a one-point game, but they took a long time to find. By the time FSU closed the margin to three points, there were only 49 seconds left on the clock, forcing FSU to attempt a side kick—one they couldn’t even attempt, as kicker Parker Groth swung on his lead.

The FSU season is now over, except for a bowl call due to a lack of 6-6 teams.

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