The chef claims his teammate gave Antonio Brown a fake vaccine card

The chef claims his teammate gave Antonio Brown a fake vaccine card

An ex-chef to Antonio Brown claims his fellow Tampa Bay Buccaneers got a fake vaccine ticket.

The controversy over Antonio Brown’s COVID-19 vaccine card continues to get weirder and weirder. According to a report by ESPN’s Jenna Laine, a member of the team may have given the Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiver a fake COVID-19 vaccine card.

The ESPN report details how Brown’s former chef claims Brown received the card from a teammate who appears to be selling fake vaccine cards.

According to the report, Stephen Ruiz, who was previously Brown’s chef and personal assistant, claims that another Tampa Bay player arrived at Brown’s home on multiple occasions and had to present a replacement fake card to Brown’s girlfriend, Sidney Morrow, after apparently obtaining it. wrong birthday.

Meanwhile, Brown’s lawyer insists Brown has already been vaccinated. If the NFL asks him to receive a vaccine booster, Brown is clearly willing to receive said booster on live TV to help prove he has been vaccinated.

Antonio Brown COVID-19 vaccine card update: Ex-chef claims fake vaccine card from fellow Tampa Bay Buccaneers

It all started when Ruiz allegedly asked Morrow about how she and Brown obtained fake COVID-19 vaccine cards, according to a report from the Tampa Bay Times. Moro denied the allegations, according to the report.

The whole story continues to be weird and it remains to be seen how it all turns out in the end.

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