The Cleveland Guardians team store sign is already broken (photo)

The Cleveland Guardians team store sign is already broken (photo)

On the morning of their anticipated rebranding, the new Cleveland Guardians brand fell and crashed outside their Progressive Field team store.

The Cleveland Guardians saw an ominous sign on their first morning introducing their new name.

When the team placed the “Cleveland Guardians” name and logo above the Progressive Field team store, it collapsed and crashed onto the sidewalk.

“Mess the drum, get the horns,” Brandon Warren joked on the Brandon Warren podcast, referring to the recently settled dispute between the Cleveland Guardians MLB team and the men’s Roller Derby team of the same name.

The Cleveland Guardians store sign is already broken

The banner went off just hours after the team shop opened at 9:00 AM selling Guardians gear.

It came after The Guardians mysteriously postponed its grand opening to November 19. The Guardians was supposed to debut on November 15, but the launch was postponed “without explanation,” according to retailers.

Cleveland sports blogger MacNeil joked that one explanation for why the sign was demolished was by those who opposed the name change and would prefer to replace the new logo with the old Cleveland logo.

Whether it’s the drum crew or angry Cleveland baseball fans, one thing is for sure: the broken tag looks like a sign that Cleveland baseball is somehow damned.

Despite the hiccups on day one, Cleveland fans lined up outside the Progressive Field team store to tune in to the new gear just as it was released.

For those who did not attend the grand opening, Guardians merchandise can be purchased at other retailers on Tuesday, November 23.

While the tag could fall (or be uprooted) outside the team store, the new Guardians name and logo are proudly displayed on their website and all social channels.

A rough day for Cleveland, but there’s a reason FanSided’s Cleveland sports site has been called the “Sorrow Factory.”

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