The three most important weaknesses in Miami benefited Noles

The three most important weaknesses in Miami benefited Noles

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Football FSU will be looking to end its four-game losing streak in the series against rival Miami Hurricanes on Saturday afternoon.

The Noles find themselves as minor bookmakers against a team that found a spark after they looked like they were down in the count four weeks ago.

Many people were surprised that Miami is not a favorite to bet the way Noles looked in the last two games, but they have faced two of the best and most talented teams in the ACC.

Miami could have easily lost their last three games, winning all three games by eight points.

FSU has better offense and defense when looking at advanced FEI metrics, but Miami has an edge on special teams.

It’s an important game because it’s FSU/Miami, but the Noles have a lot of riding on this game. There will be some big recruiting targets for both formal and informal visits. The outcome of this game can swing the momentum in recruitment battles.

Despite public opinion, I think this is a game that Noles has a good chance of winning. Miami has some major holes that have been overlooked because of who they played and how they match.

Here are three Miami vulnerabilities that benefit the Noles.

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