Think, Know, Believe in CFP Top 25

Think, Know, Believe in CFP Top 25

College Football Daily Cavalcade: What I Think, Know, and Believe After the Final Round of the College Football Playoff Rankings.

College Football Match Rankings: Daily Cavalcade on Top 25

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Sorry if this is annoying, it’s not my fault…

She had to hit the road to play Utah and Ohio State last week. It’s not like he had to play SMU – aka the 1995 second-in-command in Nebraska.

There you are, everyone. Cincinnati is in the top four…

I suspect … SMU is anything.

I know … Cincinnati is getting tons of love for this skill team win.

I believe … Lots of people care about the logs and not the teams themselves.

I suspect … Cincinnati would end up in the college football game.

I know … It wouldn’t be because of anything funky, if he entered.

I believe … The College Football Playoff Committee won’t put Alabama in two losses over Cincinnati. At most…

I Think The College Football Playoff Committee won’t put Alabama in two losses over Cincinnati.

I know … The committee likes itself some Alabama.

I believe … This would be an interesting debate if it comes to Alabama losing to undefeated Cincinnati in last place.

I suspect … Cincinnati loses either East Carolina or Houston.

I know … These are the two most dangerous games Cincinnati will play other than the win over Notre Dame.

I believe … If Cincinnati is leaving ECU and Houston, it’s without much discussion. but …

I suspect … The schedule will be a factor in the final college football rankings.

I know … The Commission is all about the Power Five Conference tournaments.

I believe … This is not as easy as you might think.

I suspect … Too many analysts are treating the latest round of ratings as if it were flat.

I know … Whatever the committee does until the final ranking does not matter.

I believe … It’s just a snapshot of the moment. The final rankings take into account the most important games of the year – the Power Five Conference Championship. This is the reason…

I suspect … The 12-1 Big 12 champion enters. (More on this in a moment.)

I know … The 12-1 Big 12 champion will participate in Oklahoma State.

I believe … The 12-1 Big 12 champ will be in Oklahoma…maybe.

I suspect … Houston can become a factor.

I know … The College Football Playoff Committee – when it comes to the final rankings – takes the entire season into account, and Texas Tech’s victory over Houston to start the season could become even more remarkable, because…

I believe … It’s a problem for Cincinnati if she’s struggling with the Cougars in the American Athletic Conference Championships, because…

I suspect … Oklahoma State just had a perfect game against the Red Raiders.

I know … It’s not the same Texas Tech team in many ways other than the team that showed up to start the season.

I believe … The committee is generally more torn about Cincinnati than you think.

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I suspect … Notre Dame is in a strange place – and no, it’s not South Bend.

I know … She can’t get past the tough ceiling of undefeated Cincinnati.

I believe … Notre Dame needs Cincinnati to lose one of those last two games, and then there’s really in the mix for the top four.

I suspect … The College Football Playoff Committee did not win the Notre Dame Committee 11-1 over the 12-1 Big 12 champion.

I know … Notre Dame has a real chance of getting in if Georgia blows up Alabama.

I believe … Notre Dame should rank ahead of Michigan and will be after this weekend, but it needs a straight inside fee to get in. (BTW, I guess I don’t know I believe what that term poker actually means.)

I suspect … You’re all missing a key aspect of self-actualization in the College Football Playoff rankings.

I know … Oklahoma is 7, Baylor is 8, and Oklahoma is 10. SO…

I believe … If there is a 12-1 champion in the Big 12 Oklahoma or Oklahoma State, two wins are currently technically missing against the current top 10 teams. So, technically, no one has a tougher final match schedule right now than the 12-1 Big 12 champ.

I suspect … The Rose Bowl race gets interesting if Ohio State wins.

I know … If Michigan keeps this reasonably close to the Buckeyes, you’ll get a nod to Pasadena unless…

I believe … Michigan State would go to the Rose Bowl if it eliminated Penn State, because the committee would put the Spartans above the Wolverines in the final classification.

I suspect … San Diego isn’t all that great.

I know … San Diego State beat Utah.

I believe … 10-1 San Diego should technically be higher than Utah.

I suspect … She would go to Alabama not in this as much as everyone thought – if she lost to Georgia.

I know … Georgia, Alabama, Ohio, and Michigan are the only four teams that truly control their own destiny.

I believe … It will be Georgia, Ohio State, Oklahoma State, Cincinnati.

I suspect … I know everything will be fine.

I know … I think everything will be fine.

I believe … I think everything will be fine.

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