Top 10 college football coaches after week 11

Top 10 college football coaches after week 11

Which coaches occupy the hottest and most stressed-out seats after week eleven of the college football season?

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Washington coach Jimmy Lake just sacked.

Washington State’s Nick Rolovich got fired a few weeks ago under very different circumstances, Texas Tech was done with Matt Wells, USC’s Clay Helton was already hired by Georgia Southern, TCU’s Gary Patterson was dropped after a great run, Ed Orgeron He went from owning the college football world two years ago to playing the string at LSU.

UConn, UMass, and Akron are starting over, too.

There’s no patience at this point for struggling college football coaches – God forbid if you lose a big game in November if you’re already on a hot seat.

Here are ten who might not necessarily be kicked out with a loss or two, but the alumni and the base won’t be happy.

Best bench for college football coaches 10

5 coaches who won’t get fired, but win now

5. Justin Fuente, Virginia Tech

It seems he hasn’t left the hot seat for the past four seasons, and then all of a sudden, he’s fine. This may be different.

After a losing season in 2020, a 3-1 start looked promising with a solid defense and attack that he could beat. Notre Dame’s heavy loss wasn’t that significant, but it was the start of Round 2-3.

Now at 5-5, losing in Miami will put the pressure on another level and see if Virginia Tech will do the unthinkable and lose to Virginia for the second time in three seasons.

4. David Shaw, Stanford

His five-game losing streak has been more than brutal. Stanford had a good looking team coming into the season, it was 3-2 after a shock win over Oregon, then everything collapsed to bring another season of loss in three years. Losing to Cal this weekend would be a huge problem.

3. David Ctcliffe, Duke

The man is an offensive training legend who has been on Duke since 2008. He took the team to an ACC Championship appearance – yes, Duke – in 2013, and everything was going well through 2018.

Since starting 4-2 in 2019, Duke has gone 6-21 and is now on a six-game losing streak after starting 3-1. The Blue Devils have not been closer than 25 points in five of the last six matches

2. Rod Curry, Temple

He’s a good coach who can’t go on with this thing. After a great run in Illinois and a good start at Temple by going 8-5, the albums have gone 4-13 ever since.

Things looked promising with a 3-2 start and win over Memphis, but the Albums have since gone 0-5 with a 217-35 aggregate score. O has not scored more than one touchdown in four of his last five games.

1. Butch Davis, Financial Intelligence Unit

After an impressive start from 23-16 in his first three seasons with three matches in the championships, he’s all in a hurry in 2020 without a win. Well, 2020 was the year 2020 – free passes everywhere – but this year’s team couldn’t break out of going 1-9 with a lone win coming against LIU.

The Golden Panthers lost 5-10 to a Tennessee quarterback without their starting quarterback, extending the streak to games without beating the FBS team to 16. The last FBS win was in Miami again in late November of 2019.

5 coaches who won’t get fired, but win now

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