Top 5 College Football Predictions Against Spread: Friday Games

Top 5 College Football Predictions Against Spread: Friday Games

What college football games seem to be the best bets and the best picks in Week 13? To keep your football weekend going, here are our top 5 predictions for Friday.

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The most underappreciated sports day on the calendar may be the Friday after Thanksgiving.

It’s not a big Saturday filled with the biggest rivalry games, but it’s always a deep and interesting roster.

Warning, I’m drunk after eating more calories in a day than I have over the course of the entire season. College Football 15’s annual weight gain has just begun over the past 45 minutes. If these snaps are wrong, it’s because my fat fingers are hitting the wrong keys.

I’ll also warn you that I’m not overly in love with these picks. I’m deeply in love, but I’m not quite sure where this relationship is headed, and there’s a reason.

Friday-after-Thanksgiving games are super weird and don’t hold up very often. I’ll get into it as we go.

I’m going to make my top 10 predictions against the regular spread of all of Saturday’s giants – coming later on Friday. But for the giant Friday list, here are the top 5 predictions for the day.

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5. Colorado in Utah

Line Utah -23.5
Choose ATS Colorado

When I say that post-Thanksgiving Friday games are weird, I basically mean something like this.

Utah doesn’t need this—it’s already got the Pac-12 South and won the conference game next week. It would be really good if her rookies sat down to rest for whatever comes from the Pac-12 North on Saturday, and it wouldn’t show anything weird that anyone could use.

Oh, I think Utah will win – it’s a big day, and of course Kyle Whittingham’s side will always try – but the one thing this team can’t do is get bruised or bruised with the Pac-12 and Rose Bowl appearances there to take.

Meanwhile, Colorado is still fighting.

I beat Washington last week, and it wasn’t bad at UCLA until the game got a little out of hand, and the win over Oregon was a game-changer for the conference.

If Utah needed this game in any way, they would ramp it up and take it by 23.5, but that’s not the case.

Call this a guess that Utes will be more business-like and comfortably win this one — like a 38-29 win over Arizona two weeks ago, with a disappointment of late — and won’t have half the power they showed against Oregon six days ago.

Incidentally, this was called a test case theory of a house in Syracuse on Saturday. Pete doesn’t need to win with the upcoming ACC Championship, Syracuse at home has to win to go bowling,

CFN Week 13 Expert Picks: College

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