Top 5 College Football Predictions Against Spread: Saturday Matches

Top 5 College Football Predictions Against Spread: Saturday Matches

Top 5 forecasts for Saturday. What college football matches seem to be the best bets and the best picks out of all the big matches of Competitive Week?

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Results so far ATS: 81-57-1

No kidding here.

These are the big games we’ve all been waiting for. This is the weekend that prepares for Championship week, which is when the biggest games of the great rivalry begin.

No, I’m not getting into the SEC showdowns – there’s a lot going on with all of them. I’ll admit I like Georgia Tech +35 over Georgia, but that’s very dangerous.

I’ll also admit that I’ll dig Auburn when I get a 20.5 at home against an Alabama team that has a bad habit of taking long naps, but again, that’s pretty choppy.

As I warned with Friday’s Top 5 Predictions Article, this is the toughest weekend of the year because it’s impossible to count the role that desperation plays, especially when the teams don’t have (whistle) to deliver.

How long will coaches stay at their star when next week’s championship match means it all? How will the players and coaches play when they know this could be the last game of the season?

Unsettling things happen on a normal last weekend of the regular season – like USF vs UCF yesterday, not starting in Nebraska and Iowa – so the idea here is to mostly go to the big games where both teams have had a big thing to lose.

But I start and conclude with two games revolving around the candidates and their behavior, starting with the top 5 college football predictions for Saturday’s competition week with…

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5. House in Syracuse

Line Pet -13
Choose ATS Syracuse

The theory did not matter on Friday with Colorado worked -23.5 against Utah.

Ute coach Kyle Whittingham has kept a lot of star players for a very long time, but no matter what, it worked.

Utah didn’t need to win. It was already in the Pac-12 Championships, the game had no playoff effects or bowl ramifications, and if anything, the last thing the team needed to do was get in any way.

Also, it will not increase the high intensity and will not unlock the rules of the game given that the important game is a few days away.

It’s the exact same deal with Pitt and Syracuse, only better for the underdog. Utah was playing in his house on Seniors Day. house on the road.

Panthers don’t need to do anything with this game. They’re on their way to the ACC Championship, playing all backups and losing by 50 wouldn’t change a thing.

Of course, that’s not what football coaches think – it’s all about momentum, players playing, and so blah blah blah. However, there will come a point when Pete’s coaching crew realizes he doesn’t really want QB Kenny Pickett to have a blast.

Even if everything is normal, Syracuse – even though production has fallen off the map for the past few weeks – will be a good play, throw it 5-6 and you need to win that game to go bowling, And Pete does not need this at all, And It’s Senior’s Day, and the running orange is still good, and…

This isn’t a bad live game, let alone a 13th game.

CFN Week 13 Expert Picks: College

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