Tournament Week Opening, Early Lines & Values

Tournament Week Opening, Early Lines & Values

The streaks and early odds of college football came out for Championship Week. Where are the values ​​and what are the early predictions?

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Where are the potential values ​​in championship week for the college football season?

What are the first lines that appeared for the first time, and where are the lines that might be a little off? Somehow, I’ll guess the lines without looking at what the real ones are, and then go back and add them.

College Football Championship Week streaks, December 3

United States Conference Championship

Fiu’s early guess: UTSA -4
Actual line: WKU -1

PAC 12 . Championship

Oregon vs. Utah
Fiu’s early guess: Oregon -2
Actual line: Utah-3

College Football Championship Week streaks, December 4

Big 12 . Championship

Baylor vs Oklahoma State
Fiu’s early guess: Oklahoma State -10
Actual line: Oklahoma State -6

Mac’s Championship

Kent State vs Northern Illinois
Early Fiu guessing: Kent State-2
Actual line: Kent State -3

Sunbelt Championship

Appalachian vs Louisiana
Early Fiu guess: Appalachian State -2.5
Actual Line: Appalachian State -3

American Athletic Conference Championship

Houston vs Cincinnati
Early Fiu guess: Cincinnati -8.5
Actual line: Cincinnati -10.5

SEC . Championship

Alabama vs Georgia
Early Fiu guess: Georgia -5.5
Actual line: Georgia -6.5

ACC بطولة Championship

House opposite Wake Forest
Fiu’s early guess: Pitt -3.5
Actual line: Pitt -3

Big Ten Championship

Iowa vs Michigan
Fiu Early Guess: Michigan -11
Actual line: Michigan -10.5

Mountain West Championship

San Diego State vs Utah
Early Fiu Guess: San Diego State -5.5
Actual line: San Diego State -5.5

USC vs Cal

Fiu’s early guess: Cal -3
Actual line: cal-2

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