Tyler Hero accidentally trains in half of an alley attempt (video)

Tyler Hero accidentally trains in half of an alley attempt (video)

Tyler Hero was to be the highlight of the Heat goalkeeper’s attempt to pass the ball to Jimmy Butler eventually into a sick shot in the halfway.

The Miami Heat are playing great basketball to kick off their 2021-22 season, and on Wednesday night they had a fantastic opportunity to claim their 10th win of the year as they welcomed the Pelicans to victory in South Beach.

As if this wasn’t already a conducive break for the Heat, guard Tyler Herro showed that luck really was on Miami’s side in one game in particular.

Late in the third quarter, Herro got the ball in a jackpot and was looking for the ground. He saw Jimmy Butler cut the edge and decided to throw half a field into Oops Alley.

Herro miscalculated a bit in terms of finding a butler – but not so much in finding the bottom of the net as he entered his wayward alley with an unintended wild shot in the half.

Tyler Hero’s cross shot in the middle of the field was a sign that it was Heat’s night.

At the time of that unintended shot from Herro, the bucket was actually only increasing the heat by four points. However, they proved their class during the last 16 minutes of play.

In the end, Miami won 113-98. Herro contributed 19 points, including an insane 3-point try, but tonight’s star was Butler, who made a 31-10-10 triple-double after a brief spell on the sidelines through injury.

When you start at it, the Heat will be happiest with another win to their credit. With that said, there probably won’t be a better and funnier solo moment in Miami this season than Tyler Hero.

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