Unlock early fonts, week 8 . values

Unlock early fonts, week 8 . values

The streaks and early odds of college football are over for Week 8. Where are the values?

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Here’s the weekly workouts…before looking at the opening lines, guess what it might be like. The goal is to see if there are any huge discrepancies from the first impulsive thoughts – for whatever it is worth.

College Football Week 8 Lines, October 20

Coastal Carolina vs. Appalachian
Fiu Early Guess: Coastal Carolina -7.5
Actual Line: Coastal Carolina -3

College Football Week 8 Lines, October 21

Tulane in SMU
Fiu Early Guess: High School -13.5
Actual line: high school -13.5

Louisiana in Arkansas
Fiu Early Guess: Louisiana -12.5
Actual line: Louisiana -16

Florida Atlantic in Charlotte
Fiu Early Guess: Florida Atlantic -3.5
Actual line: Florida Atlantic -5

San Jose State in UNLV
Fiu Early Guess: San Jose State -6
Actual Line: San Jose State 4.5

College Football Week 8 Lines, October 22

Central Tennessee in UConn
Fiu Early Guess: Middle TN -11
Actual line: Middle TN -14

Memphis in UCF
Fiu Early Guess: Memphis -4
Actual line: UCF -2.5

Colorado in Utah
Fiu Early Guess: Utah -2
Actual line: Colorado -1.5

College Football Week 7 Lines, October 23

Washington, Arizona
Fiu Early Guess: Washington -13
Actual line: Washington -15.5

Western Michigan in Toledo
Fiu Early Guess: Western Michigan -6
Actual line: West Michigan -2

UMass in Florida
Fiu Early Guess: Florida -33
Actual line: Florida -35

Texas in Georgia
Fiu Early GuessGeorgia State -8
Actual Line: Georgia State -11

Ohio in Indiana
Fiu Early Guess: Ohio -20
Actual Line: Ohio State -19

Buffalo in Akron
Fiu Early Guess: buffalo -13
Actual line: Buffalo -10.5

Illinois in Pennsylvania
Fiu Early Guess: Pennsylvania -18.5
Actual line: Penn State -23.5

Georgia Tech in Virginia
Fiu Early Guess: Virginia -6
Actual line: Virginia -6

Boston College in Louisville
Fiu Early Guess: Louisville -5.5
Actual line: Louisville -6

Syracuse at Virginia Tech
Fiu Early Guess: Virginia Tech -8.5
Actual line: Virginia Tech -4

Clemson in the house
Fiu Early Guess: Pet -4.5
Actual line: Clemson -3.5

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