Was Zack Wheeler robbed?

Was Zack Wheeler robbed?

Corbin Burns came to win the NLC Young race by a narrow margin over Zach Wheeler, but did Ice Phillies rob the prize?

The NL Cy Young award was handed out on Wednesday night as MLB continues to give the hardware to the top performing players of the 2021 season. But the top-grossing player in the National League has been the subject of much controversy, especially compared to Robbie Ray who is well-deserved to restore AL Cy Young.

The Phillies’ Zack Wheeler, Corbin Burns of the Brewers, and Max Scherzer of the Dodgers/Nationals were named as the finalists and it was anyone’s guess which team would get the nod when the votes were finally counted.

Ultimately, Burns took home the award after a recognized exceptional season for Milwaukee:

It was an exceptionally close race between Burns and Wheeler, though, which raises the question that the Philadelphia ace was more deserving than the actual winner.

NL Cy Young poll results: Was Zack Wheeler robbed?

Here’s a look at how BBWA NL Cy Young’s vote has shaken:

Only 10 voting points separate Wheeler and Burns with Scherzer slightly behind.

Once again, Burns undoubtedly dominated this season for the Brewers as he finished a 2.43 ERA and 0.94 WHIP with 234 unreal hits. However, Wheeler wasn’t far behind as he finished the 2.78 ERA and 1,008 WHIP era while outpacing Burns in swipes by 247 on his own.

Finally, this was a tight race for a reason Burns and Wheeler separated so little. It’s hard to say the Velez star was robbed, especially considering he may have ceded the award with some difficulty in the middle of the summer. Sadly, the Phils should be glad they have a stud like Wheeler leading their rotation toward 2022, regardless of whether or not he’s the winner of Cy Young.

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