“We Didn’t Hold Back:” Fifa Footballers Talk About Beating Miami

“We Didn’t Hold Back:” Fifa Footballers Talk About Beating Miami

Norville trusts the team

Jamie Robinson: When we saw the field goal team come out, we didn’t hold back. We knew we were going to get the ball, we knew we were going to stop

Ker Thomas: The coach trusted us, so we rose to the first level

Jordan Travis: I trust coach Norville and I trust the defence – they came out strong, made great plays and got the ball back.

On Jermaine Johnson’s performance vs Miami

Robinson: This guy does it all — he talks as a key person, and he’s going all out, which helps create opportunities for us.

Thomas: He approaches everything like a pro. We talk before the game, and we say to each other, “Go and have fun.”

In the play landing in Miami

Robinson: We went ahead and kept pushing

To persevere through adversity

Thomas: The coach puts us in a lot of difficult situations in practice, because that’s what heralds, adversity will come. We get the best of everyone, week after week. There was a lot of ups and downs in this match and we stayed focused.

Robinson: Our games are always about the little things and the little things the coach talks about. Tonight we were on the same page, we synced up, and we got the win.

Travis: No one was hanging their heads. They trusted me and I trusted them.

About fan noise and the environment

Thomas: [sings Warchant] We came out with a bang – we have the best fans in the country.

In the fourth and 14th play

Andrew Parchment: I just want to thank my teammates and coaches for supporting my back all year, Jordan threw it perfectly and it was like we painted it

Full interviews with all players will be posted as they become available

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