Weekly Mailbag: Miami, Recruitment, and the Bowl Game

Weekly Mailbag: Miami, Recruitment, and the Bowl Game

Mailbag here. I may be a little late, but finally here. I got a little carried away in the wake of Florida’s massive victory over Miami. It was a crazy Saturday night in Tallahassee as the Seminoles rallied at the last minute. Head coach Mike Norville was able to offer something that the Fifa hasn’t had since 2016; Victory over hurricanes. This could not have come at a better time as the team is still looking for a pot game.

Next on the agenda are Boston College Eagles. The Seminoles will travel north to meet the Eagles on Saturday afternoon. This team goes as does quarterback Phil Jorkowicz. The veteran caller was injured throughout the year but led BC to two straight victories. This match will be the first time that Mike Norville has matched Fifa and British Columbia coach Jeff Havley.

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