What is the latest news from Carlos Correa Free Agency?

What is the latest news from Carlos Correa Free Agency?

Carlos Correa is arguably the most coveted free agent in the 2021-22 class, but he hasn’t made a decision yet. So, what’s the latest?

Korea cut .279/ .366/ .485 with a .850 OPS in 2021, making it one of the best short strokes in baseball. His ability to position himself and on the base lanes makes him a five player, and his asking price only increases this off season.

The former Houston Astros are expected to earn between $25 million to $30 million this season, which is a big part of the change. He’s only 27 years old as of this writing, so a long-term contract is on the horizon.

Correa conveniently won their first gold glove just last week. He’s worth a lot more than the Astros were willing to give, which is why he declined the offer to qualify.

Carlos Correa Yankees Rumors

Correa has been linked to the Yankees since mid-season. New York has a hole in the shortstop, and Aaron Boone doesn’t seem to mind that Correa insulted former teammate Derek Jeter’s on-field ability just weeks ago, or that he was involved in the Astros signal-stealing scandal.

Boone has gone above and beyond, praising Korea’s leadership ability and growth in this department.

The Yankees have money to spend, but will they give in to the price Korea is asking?

Carlos Correa Tigers rumors

Correa is related to the Tigers in part because of his relationship with former Astros manager AJ Hinch, who is now in Detroit. The two won the World Championships together in Houston. Social media went wild when they incorrectly assumed Correa had added a Tiger emoji to his Twitter bio. However, it turned out to be photoshop.

Carlos Correa Rumors: Who else is interested?

The Astros remain in the mix, for now, despite the fact that Correa passed the qualifying bid. A reunion is still not likely, but it is still possible.

The Texas Rangers are another potential suitor, as they have a need in shortstops and payrolls looking to raise the payroll this season. Correa won’t have to move far to Arlington.

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