What Should Happen to Cincinnati to Have a College Football Playoff

What Should Happen to Cincinnati to Have a College Football Playoff

The Cincinnati Football Program has a realistic chance of being the first Group of Five team to play a college football game.

Now, 11-0 (7-0) this season, the Cincinnati football team is about to do something unprecedented.

The Cincinnati Bearcats entered Week 12 as the No. 5 team in the nation in the latest College Football Playoff Rankings. Although they were one of three undefeated teams in Division One, playing at the fifth group level had them looking outward at the supplement listing for now. While they will be in the Big 12 in a few years, they want to do the playoff now.

What would it take the Bearcats to do the unthinkable and make the College Football Extension a Group of Five program?

Cincinnati Football: The Bearcats’ Unique Path to College Football

The simplest thing Bearcats can do is win. They just had a solid AAC win over an eight-win SMU team. While a win over the East Carolina Pirates next week won’t do much to raise them in the world rankings, a win over the Houston Cougars 11 wins in the AAC Championship should do the trick. Next, 13-0 Cincinnati needs one of three things to happen.

Those three are as follows: The Big Ten champion needs two losses, the Oregon Ducks needs to lose another game or the Alabama Crimson Tide needs to lose the second game. The really cool part is anything and all of this can happen over the course of the next few weeks. With the probability of a 13-0 record occurring, what are the chances that each of these other three scenarios will actually happen?

Oregon is likely to lose another game. The Ducks have a tough game Saturday night at Utah Utes. They can totally drop this game in Salt Lake. While Oregon is favored over its in-state rival Oregon, ducks can lose out to beavers. And if they don’t lose to Utes in Utah, the ducks may fall to them again in the Pac-12 title match.

The next most likely scenario is for Alabama to lose a second game. Although they must conquer Arkansas, the pigs have improved a lot under the leadership of Sam Bateman. While the Crimson Tide is a huge favorite of the Auburn Tigers, this year’s edition of the Iron Bowl is at The Plains. Jordan-Hare Stadium is one of the toughest places to play in the entire country for a reason.

And of course, Alabama has to beat 1st-ranked Georgia in the 2021 SEC Championships in Atlanta.

Of the three outcomes Cincinnati needs, seeing the Big Ten get a losing champ is the least likely. This means that the winner of the Big Ten West will have to do something that has never happened before and beat the winner of the Big Ten East in Indianapolis. Ohio State is not losing to Wisconsin, but Michigan could if the Wolverines end up winning the Pokes next weekend.

From there, no ACC and Big 12 will have a champion worthy more than the unbeaten Cincinnati. A head-to-head victory over Irish combative Notre Dame is an undeniable feather in the Bearcats’ hat. Although Cincinnati will enter as the fourth seed likely to face Georgia in the Orange Bowl, her path to the dance is clear.

Cincinnati has to win and root hard for teams like Georgia and Utah for the big win in November.

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