What’s in a Zee Utes vs. Oregon?

What’s in a Zee Utes vs. Oregon?

The Utah football helmets and uniforms for the mega game Utes against Oregon were unique, but what exactly was on the helmets and T-shirts?

Since Utah Utes are set to host the No. 3 seed Oregon Ducks on Saturday, the latter are often associated with their vibrant and unique uniform. However, it was the Utah football helmets that caught the attention of fans on Saturday.

In Saturday’s mega game, the Utes were honoring the USS Salt Lake City.

The result was this gray outfit with a unique helmet.

However, it was hard to decipher exactly what was going on with all this, but we have the answers for you.

Utah Football Helmets: Utes’ Uniform Explained Against Oregon

The USS Salt Lake City, a US Navy ship, was nicknamed the “One Ship Fleet” because of the tremendous ingenuity it showed and the battles it tested during World War II.

The Utah costume honored it with different patches, a unique colorway, and even the presence of a “One Ship Fleet” on the back of the neck.

As for the unusual helmets, artist Armando Villarreal painted each one to depict the USS Salt Lake City in battle. It might have been hard to tell the players moving on the field, but the concept, and when you see it up close, is absolutely stunning.

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