When was the last time the Kansas Jayhawks beat Texas football?

When was the last time the Kansas Jayhawks beat Texas football?

When did the Kansas Jayhawks last win against the Texas Longhorns?

It’s been a few years since the Kansas Jayhawks pulled off a win over the Texas Longhorns, but it looks like that streak may be coming to an end.

Historically, Texas has a long history of dominating Jayhawks. Texas has won 16 of the 19 times the two teams have faced. In recent history, the Longhorns have definitely dominated the streak with two wins from Kansas over Texas in 1901 and then in 1938.

So, when was the last Kansas win over Texas?

In 2016, the Longhorns rode to Lawrence, Kansas to face the Jayhawks. The Texans have been struggling this season and coach Charlie Strong has been facing a lot of criticism and pressure due to his team’s failure to win. Unfortunately for Strong, Longhorns couldn’t get a win that would have prevented him from being kicked out on the spot.

With less than 14 minutes remaining at the next 2016 meeting, the Longhorns led 21-10. KS was touring throughout the game and was able to run forward late.

With a touchdown by Khalil Herbert (following a successful two-point conversion) and a 36-yard field goal seven seconds before the clock, KS tied things up at 21-21 to force overtime. In overtime, the Jayhawks won thanks to a 25-yard field goal from Wyman.

With this field goal, Kansas won 24-21.

Texans will go on to win in 2017, 2018, and 2019, which will be the last time the two teams will face each other before this evening as they did not meet in 2020.

Did the Kansas Jayhawks beat the Texas Longhorns in Austin?


Of those three games that Kansas managed to win, none took place in Austin. The three managed to come to Lawrence.

The University of Texas likes to be proud of the achievements of its football program and there are many things to be proud of. While he wouldn’t be at the top of most people’s lists to celebrate, not losing to Kansas at home is somewhat impressive.

That will likely end though, as the Jayhawks are able to perform a miracle before the Longhorns move to the SEC. Given how the Texas trailed 35-14 and the Longhorns were on furious gear in the first half, there’s a good chance the streak will end tonight.

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