Why is ignoring Carlos Correa’s market the right move

Why is ignoring Carlos Correa’s market the right move

Carlos Correa is set to earn close to $300 million in the off-season – or at least those are the numbers his camp is leaking. Should Astros bite?

So far, Houston hasn’t been ready to meet these expectations. Jim Crane made several offers to Korea during the regular season, but they either did not contain the financial prospects he was looking for or the duration of the deal was below par.

Honestly, he could do a better job in the free agent market.

So, expect Correa to go elsewhere, to a team that values ​​their play and can pay them what they’re worth.

Carlos Correa rumors: Silence on the Astros front

The Astros keep bidding for the last decade until Correa comes up with his asking price and meets them halfway. Houston’s last known bid was for five years and $160 million.

Not signing Correa wouldn’t be the worst option for Houston, especially considering the number of short stops available on the free agent market. The Astros could let Korea walk, and still sign short mansions like Trevor Story, Corey Seager, or even Marcus Semien. That’s why they upped the ante for Justin Verlander, even though it could affect their money available to sign with Correa.

In the end, the Astros have too many holes to focus solely on their shortstop. Verlander’s signature takes care of some initial merchandising needs. Meanwhile, Correa is likely to sign with the likes of the Detroit Tigers or the Texas Rangers, rather than the Houston, for now.

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