Wikipedia has already appointed Billy Napier as the new coach for Florida, so it must be true

Wikipedia has already appointed Billy Napier as the new coach for Florida, so it must be true

Someone decided to update Billy Napier’s Wikipedia page to make him the next coach for the Florida soccer program.

After former coach Dan Mullen was fired, the Florida soccer team is in dire need of a new software creator, someone along the lines of Billy Napier of Louisiana Rajin Cajuns.

Napier has SEC training roots from his time at Nick Saban’s team in Alabama. Although the Ragin’ Cajuns are at the level of a group of five, Napier built one structure out of a program in Lafayette. Louisiana is 10-1 on the season, making it three consecutive 10 win seasons in the Sun Belt. Given that Napier is a candidate for Florida and LSU jobs, he might head to Gainesville.

Although someone might have jumped the gun prematurely on Wikipedia, those who know them firmly believe that Napier would do a great job if he got a Florida party.

Florida coaching rumors: Wikipedia has Billy Napier as next coach

While Napier’s hiring may not make Florida fans overwhelmed with joy, it may be exactly what a struggling SEC East program needs. Florida needs a head coach who can not only build a program, but recruit the talent-rich state in which he plays. Factor in declines in both Florida and Miami, and it shouldn’t be that difficult for the right coach to win big in Gainesville.

Will Napier leave Louisiana after four seasons in the business? potentially. Given that the training set is not as deep as one would expect, he could seriously end up with either a Florida or LSU job if the interview process goes well. Although the SEC is a move from the Sun Belt, Napier is the head coach ready to take on the challenge. He knows the treacherous waters in which he will dive.

It may not be official for a few weeks, but Napier could replace Mullen in Florida for 2022.

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