Yankees put pressure on Braves, first major player

Yankees put pressure on Braves, first major player

It is reported that Freddy Freeman, the first policeman of the Atlanta Braves, is being tried by the New York Yankees in free agency because his future in Atlanta remains uncertain.

In Atlanta, there is no World Championship win without Freddy Freeman. A famous first baseman and left-handed hitter walks into free agency in the best possible position: the 2021 World Championship and 2020 NL MVP Champion.

According to Spotrac, Freeman’s contract is worth $135 million for five years, or $27 million annually. This decade is more than he got in his 11-year career with the Braves, and Freeman doesn’t seem to be getting what he deserves from the Braves — at least not at the moment. A September 9 report noted a “gap” between the organization and Freeman in their negotiations ahead of the impending season.

While there is a common belief that the two parties will eventually resolve the issue, Freeman is going free agency in the best possible position for leverage at the best moment of his career.

If the brave don’t pay him, someone will – and that person could be the Yankees.

Yankees Rumors: Freddy Freeman Attracts Attention

According to John Heyman, the Yankees are currently meeting top left-handers at the first base available at free agency, and Freddy Freeman tops that list.

Heyman adds that the Braves will likely try to keep Freeman, while former Chicago cub Anthony Rizzo and Oakland A. Matt Olson seem more achievable for New Yorkers.

While the Yankees will take meetings to fulfill their needs in the position, the push for Freddy Freeman and most likely Aaron Judge in the near future means the Yankees are unlikely to take Freeman. The New York team is still at the center of several off-season commercial rumors, including Carlos Correa’s move to New York City.

The Yankees can’t sign with everyone, but the meetings make two things clear: the Yankees are serious about getting the best out of there, and Freddy Freeman just got more leverage in trade negotiations with the Braves.

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